Working papers

Pass-through of Advertising Costs

Presented at CRESSE 2021.

Information and Dynamics on an Online Marketplace (with Emil Palikot)

Presented at CORE digitization workshop and Warwick PhD workshop, X IBEO workshop, CRESSE, EARIE (2019), Harvard Graduate IO workshop, Harvard Kennedy School Applied Micro Seminar (Fall 2019)

Slides and short presentation at the CEPR/JIE conference


The Use of Distributional Weights in Benefit–Cost Analysis: Insights from Welfare Economics (with Marc Fleurbaey) 2016. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy.

Read on REEP’s website.

Work in Progress

Dynamic effects of taxation of carbonated drinks and their advertising (with Pierre Dubois, Rachel Griffith and Martin O’Connell)

Policy Publications

Ridesharing and the Long Tail of Mobility, February 2020. Competition Policy International – Antitrust Chronicle, Winter 2020, Volume 2, Number 1. Read here or on CPI’s website.

Software is Eating Competition, July 2019. Competition Policy International – Europe Column, part of “Shaping competition policy in the era of digitization” conference issue Read here or on CPI’s website.